Veazey-Veasey Family Association

The Veazey Family Association is a very loosely organized group of kinfolks. There are no dues, no meetings, and no officers. The only time we meet is at our annual reunion, unless one of us makes a trip or goes "a-visitin'." The name was born when I needed to open a seperate checking account to handle moneys for the 1993 Reunion at Cherry Grove.

There are a number of Veazey cousins scattered litterally all over this country who have researched their roots for many, many years. As they came together and began connecting and sharing their research after the Cherry Grove Reunion, the Descendants of John Veazey grew to proportions that were never dreamed of. These cousins remain active researchers and the data base continues to grow. Many of them are on the internet and correspond frequently. All remain committed to identify and plug in every Veazey-Veasey who contacts us for information. My data base now numbers over 20,000 names of Veazeys and allied families.

I sent out 100 newsletters (one roll of stamps) about the interest in a Cherry Grove Reunion six years ago. My mailing list now numbers over 775 and no fee has been charged any cousin for this mailing. Some contributions assist with the printing and postage. I try to keep the newsletter to no more than five pages (one stamp), compose it on my trusty computer, have it printed at a local office supply business, and then Wayne and I fold, stamp and staple all of them!

I have become the coordinator, facilitator, editor, and publisher for the Association. My efforts have become almost a full-time endeavor. When I feel burdened, I will hand it over to someone else, or it will die a natural death. Only time will tell.

We came together as total strangers in 1993, not knowing if or how we might be related. By 1998, we have discovered that we are not only cousins, but very good friends.

Ann Davis

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